Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

When is Mercury Retrograde the planet Mercury appears to move in the opposite direction of its normal orbit around the Sun. Mercury has not actually changed or reversed its orbit, but from our perspective on Earth it looks as though it is moving in the opposite direction. Mercury’s retrograde cycle occurs three or four times a year and lasts about 24 days.

How will Mercury’s apparent change in motion influence those of us here on Earth?

As Mercury slows down life often slows down as well. Mercury Retrograde signals the time to slow down, redo, repeat, remember, repair, rethink, reconsider, rearrange, return, reconstruct, recover, rectify, refrain, refresh, and reformulate. Mercury Retrograde is not the most optimum time to initiate new projects or move in new directions. If possible, wait until Mercury resumes direct motion to begin new endeavors or continue forward progress with existing projects.

Mercury rules communication, information, transportation, travel, and conscious thought. You may experience the flow of information slowing down or find it is more difficult to locate the information you need. More traffic delays due to road repair, accidents, or cars stuck or abandoned on the side of the road or freeway. Changes with travel plans. Mercury rules conscious thought and mental processing, Mercury Retrograde often instigates confusion, misunderstandings, and forgetfulness. People tend to be less careful or clear with their words and the information they share.

Mercury Retrograde carries the energy of “two,” so events or experiences may happen twice, or you might find yourself going over or redoing a task, duty, or job you thought was finished. For example, you take your car in for an oil change, and a week later, you are back at the auto service and repair shop to have a to have a flat tire repaired. Or, your computer crashes, you get it up and running, and a week later, it crashes again. Be sure your information, files, documents, and photos are saved and backed up before and during Mercury Retrograde.

People may show up in your life in pairs, one new client may lead to two new clients. If you are looking for a relationship and meet someone new you may have the opportunity to meet another new person, or someone from your past may reappear. If you go on a vacation during Mercury Retrograde and really enjoy the vacation, you will probably have an opportunity to vacation in the same place again during another Mercury Retrograde cycle. 

Tips to navigate Mercury Retrograde.

  • If you are traveling pack your patience. Follow-up with reservations and your itinerary, keep your schedule as flexible as possible, and if you can avoid it, do not schedule activities and appointments to close together in case of delays.


  • Speak clearly and check that the information you share is accurate and up to date. Follow up with email, texts, and messages, if you do not hear back, it could be because they did not receive your message, or they may have overlooked it.


  • Mercury Retrograde is not the best time to sign contracts or finalize agreements. If possible, wait until Mercury resumes direct motion. If it is necessary to move forward during Mercury Retrograde, and have all contracts and agreements in writing, no handshake deals or “you have got my word” promises. Review and double-check all contracts before you sign. If you are uncertain about something, ask for clarification or have an attorney or someone familiar with this type of contract go over it with you. Be prepared for back-and-forth negotiations, and again, be patience with the process.


  • Review and update your calendar often, write yourself notes and make detailed lists. Check your schedule, confirm appointments, meetings, and events. It is easy to become distracted or confused and over-look or forget, appointments, important dates, deadlines, and directions. Have all information you need in more than one place in case you forget where you put it.  


  • If possible, wait until Mercury resumes direct motion to purchase a computer, microwave, refrigerator, air conditioning or heating unit, and automobiles. If you are not able to wait, make sure the item you purchase has a good warranty and return policy.

I must admit this year, I did lease a new car during Mercury Retrograde. My current lease was up, and I did not want to extend the lease, so I needed to move forward during Mercury Retrograde. In my favor was the fact that this was not my first lease, I leased the same make and nearly the same model as my previous car and I leased it from the same dealership where had I leased my last car. All factors helped to use up the retrograde, repeat and redo energy. And I love my new car! Sometimes you just have to break the rules!