Lunar Events

Aries New Moon

March 21, 2023

The New Moon is the time when thoughts, ideas, and new beginnings can take root, develop, and start to grow. This two-week period is the time to plan, take initiative, be proactive and launch a new venture, meet new people, start a new job, or begin looking for a new job or home. Wait until about two days after the New Moon (when you can see the moon in the night sky) to move forward.

Yesterday, Monday, March 20th, was the Spring Equinox as the Sun moved into the sign of Aries, signaling the beginning of the Astrological New Year! Happy Spring to each of you as we embrace renewal, increasing light, warmer days, spring flowers, new growth, and new beginnings. 

The Aries New Moon perfectly coincides with the Spring Equinox this year, indicating the time to set your intentions for the New Moon as well as next three months. What do you feel ready to begin, in what direction are your feeling pulled, what are you excited and enthusiastic about doing or starting? Over the next few days, notice the area of life where you feel a sense of renewal, rebirth, hope, energy, and the desire to move in new directions. This could be in your personal life, your job or career, your health, a relationship, education or learning something new, or with long-terms plans.

The energy of Aries is enthusiastic, pioneering, independent, courageous, dynamic, as well as impulsive, aggressive, impatient, and reactive. Aries often rushes in where angels fear to tread. The fearless energy of Aries can overestimate its power and underestimate the difficulty a project, undertaking, commitment, or opposing force. With each sign of the Zodiac, we experience positive and challenging qualities, like two sides of a coin.

In an astrological chart, each house has a corresponding opposite house. Both houses influence the other. To give you an example, the first house represents the individual, their attitude, self-expression, appearance (physical body) how they present themselves to the world, and beginnings. The opposite seventh house represents partnerships, relationships, the people we connect with on a daily or regular basis, and professionals we hire for advice, guidance, and direction.  

Everything in life requires balance, integration, and an awareness of proportion. Eating a balanced diet leads to better health. Integration of both positives and difficult qualities, emotions, and experiences leads to growth and understanding. And developing an awareness of what is enough and what is too much, proportion, for each of us individually leads to wisdom and life choices which bring us closer to achieving our goals and desires. 

Yes, this is the time of beginnings and moving forward with your dreams, goals, and aspirations but there is still unfinished business which needs to be completed before you fully embrace new plans, a course of action, and move full speed ahead. Mars is still in the last degrees of Gemini, the sign Mars has occupied since August 2022. Consider what you have been focused on and working on for the past seven, nearly eight months. What do you need to wrap up and complete before you start something new? This is not the time to drop and run. Unfinished business you leave behind now will just make its presence unavoidable in the future and slow down and interfere with new endeavors.

If you want to let go of a commitment to a group, or project inform others that you are stepping away from your duties and responsibilities. If possible, find someone who can take over your responsibilities and commitment.      

If you want to end a relationship, personal or professional, it is important you articulate your intentions and work with the other person to find amicable solutions to problems they may encounter because of your departure. 

March 7, 2023, Saturn moved out of Aquarius and into the sign of Pisces. Saturn always takes something with it when it changes signs. Many of us are grappling with endings and losses which have caused the need to rearrange, restart, and visualize a new way forward. So, in this time of new beginnings, the pleasures of Spring, and enthusiasm about the future be sure to reach out and offer assistance and encouragement to those you know who are struggling with grief and loss and how to move forward.   

There are four planets in Aries in the New Moon chart, representing very focused action and energy. Individually where Aries is in your natal or relocated chart show the area of life where you will be called to action. This is the area of life where it is time for a new start, new direction, and new focus.

For instance, if you have Aries in your 2nd house, you need to focus on your finances, and how you make money. If money is tight, consider ways to increase your income. Start your own business on the side, find a side hustle, overtime at work, or find a better paying job. Think about how you are spending money. Does money just seem to slip through your fingers, you don’t know where it went because you don’t keep track of it. Do you avoid confronting your relationships with money?

Create a budget to balance your monthly financial needs with the money available to you each month. Are you spending money on unnecessary things to make yourself feel better. Are you spending money on others when you really can’t afford it? If so why, what is your motivation? What are you expecting in return, appreciation, love, recognition?

Talk with a mortgage lender about refinancing your home to reduce your monthly mortgage. Find out if you can remove the PMI on your mortgage. Review insurance companies and see if you can find one that charges less for the same coverage you currently have. If your FICO score is good, contact your credit card companies to see if you can negotiate a lower interest rate on your credit cards. Even though interest rates are up, I contacted one of my credit cards companies last week, and I was able to get better interest rate on one of my cards. If you have a little extra money, look for investment opportunities which will bring a good return on your money. Plan and set goals now to increase your income and bring more financial security and abundance into your life.

If you have Aries in your 6th house, you will likely be very busy at work with your daily duties and responsibilities. Your boss or superiors may be more demanding of your energy, time, and attention.

If you are not happy with your job, this is a great time to explore job opportunities. Look for job or careers that are aligned with your personality, skillset and utilize your natural talents and abilities. People are generally much more satisfied with their work when they feel they are contributing to the collective or providing a service which is helping people and/or the planet in a positive way. Decide on at least three jobs/careers that feel compelling and exciting to you. Make a vision board or place symbols of each job/career around your personal space to remind you daily. Do simple rituals regularly to focus your energy and call on your guides, God, or the Universe to assist you in attracting and manifesting your new job or career.  

If you have Aries in your 11th house, you will find yourself putting extra time and energy into groups you are involved with, personal or professional. You may be asked to take the lead on a project or group endeavor. Friends may require more of your time and assistance.

It is important to focus on long-term plans, goals, and your future. Write out your goals for the next three months, one year, three years, and five years. Three and five-year goals and plans may sound daunting, but once you start it can be a very enlightening and motivation exercise. I wrote my one, three, and five year goals and plans in January, I was surprised and excited by some of the goals which emerged.

Make time to greet and savor the new Spring season. Connect with friends, family, and people you enjoy. Tour a museum and feast your eyes on beautiful art, past and present. Attend a concert and enjoy the uplifting spirit of music. April is Poetry Month, attend a poetry reading. Indulge in your favorite comfort food, pack a picnic lunch, and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the natural world. Take a daytrip to your favorite place or somewhere close you have been wanting to visit. 

In addition to the Spring Equinox and Aries New Moon, as if that wasn’t enough for one week, Pluto temporarily moves into Aquarius, Thursday, March 23rd, and Mars finally moves into Cancer, Saturday, March 25th.  

Virgo Full Moon

March 7, 2023


The Full Moon brings things to a culmination, a high point, or actualization. Example: moving into a new place, signing the final papers, and closing on a new home, holding a social event – a party, get-together, or fundraiser. The point of sharing a project with others, going live with your website.


The Full Moon is full light. It shines a spotlight on projects, plans, opportunities, obstacles, limited beliefs and ideas, events, memories, and emotional experiences.   


The energy of Virgo is analytical, exacting, and focused on details, facts, and figures. The energy can also be critical, picky, perfectionistic, and skeptical. The Virgo Moon opposite the Sun in Pisces reminds you to focus on the big picture as well as what is right in front of you.

The Virgo Full Moon is ruled by Mercury in Pisces, which helps to soften the Virgo tendences. In some instances, this will be beneficial, and in others, you may miss or overlook important details or information. The best way to use the influence of Mercury in Pisces is to consider creative ways to approach problems, projects, or complex situations. Rather than trying to solve, resolve, or move forward too quickly, slow down for a moment, and contemplate various approaches.

I heard a great acronym this week for Pause: possibly another unknown solution exists. Carry this thought with you during the Virgo Full Moon. Apply it in situations calling for an alternative application of thought or action regarding problems you are struggling to solve. Use the Pisces energy of Mercury and the Sun as an opportunity to meditate, reflect, and connect with your higher self for guidance and direction. Ask a question, state a challenge or area of concern, uncertainty, or confusion and then be quiet and LISTEN. Allow your mind to be open to what comes to you intuitively, then figure out how you can apply the information in a practical and productive manner.

Holistic healing techniques such as chakra balancing, guided meditation, acupuncture, aromatherapy, breathwork, and light therapy will assist you in grounding your energy and staying centered. Focus on your core, your power center.  

There are six planets in mutable signs indicating the need to be mentally flexible, open to changes of mind, thoughts, and opinions. How can you improve upon, adjust, or alter a plan or course of action in order to move forward in fruitful way?

The Virgo Full Moon is an excellent time to focus on improving and perfecting skills, natural talents, and abilities to strengthen your life professionally and personally.

At the time of the Full Moon, Saturn is literally in the last moments in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn will move into the sign of Pisces within an hour of the Full Moon.

Saturn will be in Pisces for nearly three years. During this three-year period, Saturn will make a quick dip into Aries May through August 2025, and then retrograde back into Pisces September 2025 through early February 2026.

There may be times when your life feels out of balance, and you need to make changes to regain balance and security. You may decide or find it necessary to leave a stable job. Or the company you work for will no longer be giving bonuses or eliminates other financial incentives. Your landlord decides it’s time to sell the house or condo you are renting. You discover the foundation of your home has been compromised and is in need of extensive repairs.

Or you leave a relationship which is comfortable and predictable but no longer feeds you or supports your growth. Your family life may go through changes as kids go off to college and aging family members or pet’s transition.

Health challenges, financial needs of family members, or starting a new business may have you dipping into your savings or making an early IRA withdrawal.     

Your areas of focus and interest will change in new and surprising ways, and you will discover new areas of interest and new territories to explore. I have certainly felt this change over the past few days. It’s exciting and really piquing my curiosity about how I can incorporate new interests into my life and business!  

We have become accustomed to a very rigid and structured world with Pluto in Capricorn, and as Saturn has transited through its own signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Pisces energy is flowing, malleable, adaptable, and not easily controlled. Think about water and the fact that unless you put it into a container, it flows in all directions. Saturn will bring a grounding influence to the energy of Pisces. If you apply practical and useful tools and techniques to creative ideas and projects, you will be able to manifest exciting and ambitious dreams.    

Saturn in Pisces will influence your boundaries. This is the time to reassess your boundaries. Do you have boundaries? If not, you will need to establish boundaries in your relationships, with coworkers, and friends. From time to time, it may be necessary to assert your boundaries and alert others to the fact they are pushing your boundaries.   

Saturn is still the taskmaster, even in the sign of Pisces and will require paring down, consolidating, and releasing that which is unnecessary, superficial, or wastes precious time, space, or energy.

Potential areas to apply Saturn:

Does it take you a longtime to decide what to wear in the morning? Do you have a lot of miss matched clothes? Do you need more closet space? Reduce your wardrobe to simplify you daily wardrobe choices and create more cohesion with your wardrobe. Organize items in your closet to make more useable space.

If you incorporate a new endeavor or new services into your business. Consult a professional organizer or consider ways to restructure and redesigned your office to create more organization and efficiency in completing tasks and meeting deadlines.

If you acquire a new car and your garage is in chaos and full of clutter. Organize your garage by putting up shelves, installing cabinets, donating, recycling, and discarding items you no longer need or want and make space for your new car.       

If you have been escaping into negative or addictive behaviors, you will experience a reality check from your body, a family member, friend, employer, or coworker. Embrace Saturn’s message and incorporate new habits and behaviors for selfcare, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The planetary changes in March will usher in a new phase of life. What do you want to change? How would you like your life to be different? What are your dreams? What do you believe is possible, and what do you want to accomplish?     

The choices you make create your life. Explore the gray areas rather than focusing on one way or the other choices. What does success mean for you? The secret to success is discipline, responsibility, and hard work. Believe in yourself! Go forward confident in your choices and actions knowing that your experiences, lessons learned, and wisdom gained will assist you in your quest for success.                 

Pisces New Moon

February 20, 2023

The New Moon is the time when thoughts, ideas, and new beginnings can take root, develop, and start to grow. This two-week period is the time to plan, take initiative, be proactive and launch a new venture, meet new people, start a new job, or begin looking for a new job or home. Wait until about two days after the New Moon (when you can see the moon in the night sky) to move forward.

The theme for the Pisces New Moon is to not allow indecision, uncertainty, or fear to hold you back from moving forward and taking action. Be curious about the process of life and your future.

The energy of Pisces is intuitive, sensitive, spiritual, compassionate, sacrificing, melancholy, indolent, sympathetic, and artistic. Pisces is ruled by Neptune which represents dreams, glamor, liquids, delusion, fantasy, movies, and music. A strong Neptune influence brings both illusion and clarity – a reality check. Acknowledging and honoring clarity can be difficult because often it contradicts our illusions and fantasies. Neptune can trigger our imagination, a sense of wonder, idealism, as well as feelings of lack, weakness, fear, and the desire to escape reality.

If you look you will find the help you need. Ask a trusted friend or family member, reach out to your doctor, spiritual advisor, support groups, addiction counseling, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), or Hypnotherapy.

You may feel languid, possibly melancholy, and the desire to escape and indulge in your favorite fantasy. If you follow the escapist tendency exclusively or excessively, you will miss the opportunity to work with the positive energy of the Pisces New Moon. This is the perfect time to focus on your intuition and imagination to explore options and alternative ways to achieve your hearts-desire and realize your fondest yearnings.

You may encounter challenges to your current ideas, point of view, and plans. Take the time to listen to others and pay attention to the messages or signals from the Universe. You likely need to make changes which are not currently obvious to you but apparent to others.

Be willing to battle with yourself, if necessary, especially if you are vacillating or hesitating on important decisions. Where are you accepting less than you deserve? Are feeling sad, irritated, frustrated, or drained? Where are you allowing fear to block the light? What are you ruminating about that needs to be rechanneled or redirected? Are you repeatedly thinking about past failures or things that didn’t work out as you had wanted or expected? Negative things others have said about you, negative things you say about yourself? Focus on the past, or the future will block you from making decisions.

Think about with whom or where you have been spending your time, what have you been reading, or watching on YouTube or the Television. Refocus your time and attention back to your life and what is being offered now. Apply your energy, enthusiasm, intuition, and imagination to take advantage of opportunities and possibilities to manifest and attract the experiences you desire to enhance your life.

Jupiter in Aries instills enthusiasm the desire to take a risk and be bold. You may feel restless, impulsive, and passionate. Use this energy! Apply for a new job, look for a new home, find an intimate partner, start the book you have thought about writing, go back to school, begin a journey of self-improvement, develop your spiritual life, and strengthen your connection with your guides and the Universe.

Venus will change signs and move into Aries immediately after the Pisces New Moon begins. Venus represents your intellectual concept of love, how your think about love and relationships. Venus in Aries is assertive, aggressive, impatient, and quick to pursue something it wants. Think about who or what you want to bring into your life. Consider your values and what is important to you. If you desire a relationship, think about the type of relationship you want and what you value in a partner before you begin your search.

Swift decisions may be necessary to take advantage of opportunities or deal with an immediate issue. You could miss an opportunity or solution to a problem if you wait for too long or focus on your fears or feelings of vulnerability. Be thoughtful, incorporate practical reasoning, responsibility, and maturity. If you experience stress breathe deeply, incorporate Tapping – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), journal, pray, move your body, yoga, tai chi, or dance, and reduce caffeine. Do a simple candle ritual, be quiet and still, connect with your higher self and be in the present moment. Release negative feelings and concentrate on positive progress and outcomes. Accept what is offered now and trust it will benefit you and clear your way as you move into the future.             

If you want to move your life into a more balanced and centered place and experience more peace, joy, and gratitude, your mental focus is just as important, if not more important, than changing your physical circumstances.

Emotions fluctuate with life’s ups and downs. You have the ability to recover emotional equilibrium and manage stress with your mind and the previously mentioned techniques. Combining emotion and intellect will lead you to personal power and confidence. When you are in an emotionally centered space, you can access your intuitive inspiration, innate gifts, and your perception is clearer about what will bring you joy and benefit.  

Lending a hand to someone you know who is experiencing self-doubt, uncertainty, or feeling lost demonstrates compassion and can be helpful. However, there can be a fine line between compassion and help and enabling someone. If you take on or shoulder someone else’s burdens and hardships and it will only encourage them to continue to avoid their problems. We each must take responsibility for our life and choices.       

Celebrate the blessings in your life and spend time with those you love and enjoy.

Leo Full Moon

February 5, 2023

The Full Moon brings things to a culmination, a high point, or actualization. Example: moving into a new place, signing the final papers, and closing on a new home, holding a social event – a party, get-together, or fundraiser. The point of sharing a project with others, going live with your website.

The Full Moon is full light. It shines a spotlight on projects, plans, opportunities, obstacles, limited beliefs and ideas, events, memories, and emotional experiences.   

The energy of Leo is proud, creative, generous, regal, and dramatic. Combine these qualities with the emotions of the Full Moon, and you have a fiery, theatrical, and melodramatic emotional energy. We will all feel the influence of the Leo Full Moon whether we have Leo planets or not. Now add the energy of erratic, surprising, course-shifting, and enlightening Uranus, and we have quite a recipe for an intense Full Moon.      

We all understand the meaning of balance, stability, equilibrium, equal proportion. Our challenge with this Leo Full Moon is to find emotional balance in the shifting sands of our individual experiences. It is not about maintaining balance at all times, but how you restore balance. Consider the tools you have at your fingertips when you find yourself off balance. A walk in nature, a shower or bath, interaction with your pets, a conversation with a trusted friend, meditation, a spiritual practice, chakra balancing, massage, reiki, yoga, exercise, a creative project, reading something you find healing and grounding. 

If you enjoy crystals, this is a good time to use the energy of crystals to bring your emotions back into alignment and harmony. When you hold a crystal to the light and move it in various directions, different aspects of the crystal are revealed. When you are open and receptive to fluctuating and changing emotions, thoughts, ideas, concepts and perspectives, new opportunities, pathways, possibilities are revealed.   

What have you been working on that is now ready to be shared with friends, family, your community, students, co-workers, teammates, your boss, clients, a business partner, or the world, physical or virtual? You may notice some resistance in sharing, releasing, publishing, or letting it go, feeling that it needs more work or time. The time is now! The people you plan to share this with need the information as they move through their own shifts and changes.

Working on it longer will not make it better, nor is there a better time. You need to focus on new ideas, projects, plans, and opportunities.

What do you want to explore, try, attempt, experiment with, study, research, investigate? Now is the time to stretch, get out of your comfort zone, broaden your horizons, and release old habits and patterns considered safe and secure. You are moving on in new directions. Plant your energy into that which is currently relevant and will stimulate personal growth and your soul’s purpose.

You may encounter resistance from others who want to hold you back for their own safety and security. You must move forward even if ultimatums are on the table. We all must follow our path and sometimes that means leaving others behind.

Dwelling on the past and what you perceive as having not worked out or been successful will slow progress and momentum. Turn around, literally, and focus on what is ahead of you. Build on past experiences, they are the foundation to work from.

March will be a pivotal month, individually and collectively. Pluto will temporarily move into Aquarius after a nearly 15 years in Capricorn. Also, in March, Saturn will shift into Pisces after five years of occupying the signs it rules traditionally, Capricorn and Aquarius. And finally, toward the end of March, Mars moves into the sign of Cancer, ending a seven month stay in Gemini.  

All of this planetary activity and change signals the need for people and the world to move beyond current structures, rules, and the control of power, toward more equality between different levels of society. The need to be flexible and adaptable will be required going forward in order to adjust to the changes the planetary shifts signal. If we are willing, what is being offered is the opportunity to be more open and receptive to each other and differing opinions and perspectives. We need leaders who are fair, just, and inclusive, open to input from all sides. We each need to share our “light” with others, our knowledge, talents, and skills to lift each other up, guide, and help those who are challenged in finding their way.

Aquarius New Moon

January 21, 2023

The New Moon is the time when thoughts, ideas, and new beginnings can take root, develop, and start to grow. This two-week period is the time to plan, take initiative, be proactive and launch a new venture, meet new people, start a new job, or begin looking for a new job or home. Wait until about two days after the New Moon (when you can see the moon in the night sky) to move forward.

The Aquarius New Moon calls for equanimity, a higher state of balance and awareness. Feeling calm and in control of your emotions and the fluctuating flow of life.

If you are searching for new ways to enhance your relationship with your partner, explore new methods for relating and connecting.

If you are looking for ways to support your health and well-being, educate yourself on alternative health modalities.

If you would like to increase your income, consider new job opportunities or start your own business.

Allow your thoughts to explore new and different ideas, solutions, and choices. Focus on combining logic and what is practical with innovation and the unconventional. Observe the moments of insight and flashes of intuition.

Experiment, mix contrasting elements, that which has proven reliable and dependable with the new, original and unique. Knowledge and experience are powerful allies in guiding your process into previously unexplored areas. Step back and objectively assess possibilities, don’t become attached to one way of achieving your goals and desires.

Balance and proportion are required when merging different energies in order to use them in productive ways.

The Aquarius New Moon will bring opportunities and movement, but you need to take advantage the opportunities as they present themselves. Quick decisions and action can be beneficial if you are thoughtful and strategic. How will this opportunity move you closer to your objective? Does it fit into the larger vision of what you want to accomplish? Reacting on impulse, over-estimating, or over-expecting will likely backfire and not move you in the right direction.

Personally, you are entering a new phase of accelerated growth and evolution. You are the architect of your life. This is the time to build on all that you have worked for up to this point.

Consider the following if you are collaborating on project. Everyone needs to work on aspects of the project that allow them to express their unique talents, skills, and experience.

Team members need to be open and receptive. Dispassionate analysis, logic and a rational exchange and deliberation will move the group and project in positive directions. You may suddenly recognize the solution to a problem you have been pondering.

Take advantage of this energy/time and gather everyone together for a group meeting. Focus on the next step and review plans to move things forward over the coming three months. 

Aquarius represents equality and the collective, where everyone has a voice and something to contribute for the greater good.

Blend intellect with passion, activities with aspirations, and enjoy the process of creating something new and experiencing your ideas and concepts as they become tangible, applicable, and useful.

Cancer Full Moon

January 6, 2023

Welcome to our collective New Year, 2023. We begin this new year with a Cancer Full Moon, encouraging us to slow down and take a step back from the busy, hectic, hopefully joyful, and happy holidays.

This is the time to reconnect with yourself, your life, your individual goals, desires, and what you would like to achieve during 2023. What milestones can you look forward to in the new year? What small steps will lead you to each larger step, eventually leading you to manifesting your desires and aspirations?

The Full Moon is opposing the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster. Saturn’s energy is not about hopes, dreams, and wishes. Saturn requires step-by-step plans with benchmarks to assess progress. But first, you must confront your fears, concerns, and worries about failing. What would cause you to fail and how likely is this to happen?

Most of us are familiar with this famous quote by Robin R. Hall, “It is better to Shoot for the Stars and land in the Tree-Tops than Shooting for the Tree-Tops and landing in the Mud.” The problem with this quote is it assumes you will not reach your target but will fall short.

All you really need to do is make a clear and honest assessment of the results you can realistically expect. By setting achievable goals, you will avoid the deflating disappointment and apathy that can come with over-reaching or over-expecting.

Consider how long it will take you to complete each step as you strive for your goal. Setting benchmarks along the way will help you recognize if you need to adjust something you are doing, shift, or change course.

Meeting the goals you set in a timely manner or completing a project feels inspiring and motivating, and the momentum will encourage you to continue on to the next goal or project. If results go beyond your expectations, great, onward!   

It is imperative you carefully consider your monetary investment. How much money are you comfortable investing to achieve your goals? Are you comfortable with risk or are you risk averse? If things don’t go well, will your investment cause hardship for others?

Do you have savings or an income to live on during the start-up phase and until money starts coming in? Figure out the amount of money you can afford to invest monthly during the first year and beyond if it takes longer to generate an income than you originally anticipated. Pay yourself first!

Time is also an investment, how much time are you able to devote on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?

If you estimate you need more capital than you are able to invest, you need to consider your options. A business partner. You may be eligible for a grant. If your credit is good, you could apply for a business loan from a credit union or a bank. Interest rates are generally lower with credit unions. You may also want to investigate an SBA loan.

Other options may be angel investors, personal investors, or venture capitalists. Do you want or need a pre-investor, passive investor, or active investor? Do you know where to find investors? An investor will need to know the amount of money you would like them to invest. They will also want a business or financial plan and projection for the next few years.

Do you need help from others? CPA, account manager, sales consultant, project manager, researcher. Where will you find dependable people to fill the position and provide the support you need? How will you pay for their services?

Start preparing now. Depending on your goals, there can be many things to consider, decide, and figure out before you proceed. This is an excellent quote attributed to Roman Philosopher Seneca, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Capricorn New Moon

December 23, 2022

Happy New Year to you and yours, I hope your holidays have been joyful. I am behind a bit with the New Moon information. No worries. We will feel the energy of the Capricorn New Moon until the Cancer Full Moon on January 6th.

The Winter Solstice was on December 21st, marking the first day of Winter, the shortest day of the year, and the Sun moving into the sign of Capricorn. The Winter Solstice is considered the rebirth of the Sun, as light begins to increase until the Summer Solstice June 21st.

Tuesday December 20th, ushered in positive change and an auspicious shift as Jupiter moved into Aries. Over the past few days, you may have noticed feeling more optimistic, enthusiastic, and excited to move forward or start something new. Aries is a fire sign, and the quality is cardinal, indicating action, movement, ambition, and potential. Jupiter will be transiting through Aries until mid-May 2023. Take advantage of this dynamic energy and begin to move forward with plans, goals, and projects you have set your sights on for 2023. Jupiter was in Aries earlier this year from May through the end of October, think about to what you were working on, focused on, or a new project you started. Jupiter moving into its retrograde cycle the end of October and back into Pisces may have delayed or stalled your ambitions and momentum. Jupiter returning to the sign of Aries signals the time to pick up where you left off.

Mercury will begin its retrograde cycle in just a few days, on Thursday, December 29th, and Mars is still retrograde until January 12th. Mercury will regain forward motion on January 18th. Use the time between now and mid-January to review plans, make adjustments, reevaluate, reconsider, stabilize, structure, and create a firm foundation from which to work from. When the Sun moves into Aquarius on January 21st you can move full speed ahead with ideas, goals, projects, and new ventures from earlier this year.

Now, on to the Capricorn New Moon. Not only are the Sun and Moon in Capricorn, but also Venus, Mercury, and Pluto. This is strong Capricorn energy, to say the least. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn represents responsibility, self-discipline, accountability, maturity, structure, boundaries, rules, and regulations. Yes, we are still in the holiday season, but this much Capricorn energy indicates work and taking care of personal business are still priorities, as well as planning for the future. What do you want to change, build upon, or improve during 2023?

What have you wanted to start that you have delayed or put off for one reason or another? Your own business, forming a new business partnership, following a new or different career path, going back to school, and getting your degree, asking for a raise or promotion. Why haven’t you made a decision and acted on that decision up to this point?  

The Capricorn New Moon is a good time for you to focus on, think, and feel how your life would change and be different if you stopped delaying, finally made a decision, and took action to move forward.

If you look, you will find you have the support you need to move forward, but you must be willing to accept it and to be accountable.

2023 will be a significant year. Saturn moves into Pisces in March; Pluto moves into to Aquarius in March for a little over two months before retrograding back into Capricorn, where it will stay until January 2024. Jupiter moves into Taurus in May, and the North and South Nodes will also change signs in July, moving into Aries/Libra.

Have you been waiting for something to change? Are you waiting for a sign? Consider the planetary shifts the change or sign you have been waiting for. Be the authority in your life and follow your own guidance and spiritual path. Trust the Universe will support you and stop creating obstacles for yourself.  

Gemini Full Moon

December 7, 2022

The Full Moon brings things to a culmination, a high point, or actualization. Example: moving into a new place, signing the final papers, and closing on a new home, holding a social event – a party, get-together, or fundraiser. The point of sharing a project with others, going live with your website.

The Gemini Full Moon conjunct Mars in Gemini and oppose the Sun in Sagittarius. Mars oppose the Sun, marks the halfway point of the Mars Retrograde cycle.

Mercury rules the Gemini Full Moon and Mars in Gemini. Mercury represents mental processes, communication, and transportation. Mars represents competition, force, and ambition. The sign of Sagittarius is about beliefs, morals, philosophy, and freedom. The Moon conjunct Mars in Gemini indicates arguments are possible if not assured. The Moon/Mars opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius suggests people feel the urge to express their opinions and personal ideology without forethought.

When driving or traveling, slow down and be patient, as traffic and travel plans could be hectic, interrupted, or delayed.

Uranus is making an adjustment aspect to the Sun which indicates adjustments and fine tuning are necessary with current plans and projects. If you are planning to share a project with the world, or bring and endeavor to a culmination, slow down, and think first. Consider new information which may now need to be integrated. If you are experiencing resistance or opposition from someone address the situation before you proceed.

The Moon represents your ever shifting emotions and feelings, as well as how you nurture and care for yourself. People nurture themselves with food. They nurture themselves with body care, massage, facials, or a soak in the tub. You learned about nurturing from your family, adopted your learnings and carried them into your adult life.

The Moon represents your memories, how your recall events and experiences from your childhood which influence your adult life and inform your choices and decisions.

The Moon represents the habits and routines you build into your life, both consciously and unconsciously. Your habits and routines bring comfort and a sense of safety and security.

The Moon represents your emotional reactions, intuition, and instincts. We see instincts clearly in animals.  

As with the Sagittarius New Moon, there are seven mutable planets involved with the Gemini Full Moon. Mutable energy is changeable, versatile, and adaptable. Consider what you are holding onto and what you need to release to gain clarity about your life and your path forward. You have many directions and paths you can choose to follow in your life. Consider your beliefs and personal philosophy about life and your purpose.

Sagittarius New Moon

November 23, 2022

The New Moon is the time when thoughts, ideas, and new beginnings can take root, develop, and start to grow. This two-week period is the time to take initiative, be proactive and launch a new venture, meet new people, start a new job, or begin looking for a new job or home. Wait until about two days after the New Moon (when you can see the moon in the night sky) to take action and move forward.

Finally, a much-needed break from the very intense, and at times, overwhelming energy of the recent Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse and Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The Sagittarius New Moon signals the time to breathe and allow your body and mind to relax. Give your body a chance to reduce the excess adrenaline/cortisol which may have been pumping through your system as a result of heightened stress and tension during the past month.

Sagittarius is a fire sign. The fire element relates to action, energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration. The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter which represents expansion, growth, optimism, and abundance. Clearly, the Sagittarius New Moon does not indicate sitting on the sofa and binging on your favorite TV show to relax. Rather, choose activities and interests you find invigorating as well as relaxing and enjoyable. If you are an active and adventurous person this may mean hand gliding or indoor activities such as iFLY for indoor skydiving, there are locations all over the country.

If you prefer less physical activity and find mind-expanding, mentally stimulating experiences relaxing and enjoyable consider enrolling in a language class, or finally booking the trip you have dreamed about for so long. It is possible to book a trip far in advance and make monthly payments, so the expense of the trip is not out of pocket or on your credit card all at once. Explore a different belief system or visit a spiritual location. Try a new foreign food restaurant in your community or prepare a meal with ingredients which are new to you and out of your usual culinary habit and routine.

The Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse involved six fixed sign planets. Fixed energy is not very flexible or easily moved and favors a familiar, consistent path. Progress is slow, focused, and determined.

The Sagittarius New Moon involves seven mutable planets. Mutable energy is versatile, changeable, adaptable and thrives on variety. The Sagittarius New Moon may finally bring the movement and progress you have been craving.

Jupiter has been retrograde since late July restricting Jupiter’s naturally expansive, positive, and growth-oriented nature. Jupiter finally resumed direct motion the day of the Sagittarius New Moon, a most auspicious change indicating progress, opportunity, and the return of optimism, faith, and hope.

Jupiter moved back into the sign of Pisces in late October, giving us about six weeks to catch up and wrap up unfinished business. Jupiter will move into the sign of Aries at the end of December 2022 and stay in Aries until mid-May 2023.

Jupiter revisiting the sign of Aries indicates the time to resume the projects, aspirations, goals and interests you were pursuing May, through most of October of 2022. You may become aware of something you thought was not going to work out and had reluctantly dropped or abandoned, now beginning to show signs of working and moving forward. Or you suddenly see a new way to proceed. Make necessary adjustments regarding new information revealed, and circumstances that have changed during Jupiter’s retrograde cycle, and follow a course of action that is relevant now.

All of this sounds great, and it is. However, it is also important to pace yourself and your plans as the planet of action, decisions, and ambition, Mars, is retrograde October 30, 2022 – January 12, 2023. Mars Retrograde in Gemini indicates ideas, communication and information strategies, steps, and planning require alterations, and results can take longer to develop. Patience, optimism, thoughtful decisions, and actions will move you forward in the pursuit of your goals, dreams, passions, and life-affirming changes.

The beneficent energy of Jupiter direct renews a sense of faith, hope, and trust, which have felt out of reach for a while, especially around events over the past few months. Shift your focus from disappointment, sadness, or regret. Open your mind, explore and seek opportunities in areas of interest that were previously beyond your awareness.

Find help if necessary to heal physical and emotional wounds you have experienced recently, especially if related to past experiences. Healing pain, fear, and judgement will adjust your course and enable you to open your heart, ground yourself, and find your center even in the midst of uncertainty and unpredictability.

Things do change. You experience ups and downs to clear the way for personal growth and evolution. Life changing events are not random. There is a plan for each of us.

At this time of giving thanks, show appreciation and gratitude, acknowledge the abundance of our planet, life itself, and the recurring opportunity to restart and try again. 

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

November 8, 2022

The Full Moon brings things to a culmination, a high point, or actualization. Example: moving into a new place, signing the final papers, and closing on a new home, holding a social event – a party, get-together, or fundraiser. The point of sharing a project with others, going live with your website.

Another intense and important Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is upon us. The Taurus Full Moon is conjunct Uranus, the planet of unexpected events, surprises, upheaval, and disruption. This creates a space for Uranus to easily step in and trigger unsettling events in finances, relationships, and values. Taurus is a fixed earth sign and prefers stability. In fact, there are currently six planets in fixed signs indicating change is not easy and can be a long and complicated process.

The Moon and Uranus are also conjunct the North Node. The North Node represents the direction we are moving toward in our life, what we need to learn and experience that is new and different. Our life circumstances and the Universe push us in the direction of our North Node, but we often resist because it represents an unknown and unexplored direction. We feel insecure and uncertain in our ability to handle the opportunities and challenges presented by the North Node.  

The opposite point of the North Node is the South Node. The South Node represents past life experiences where we have repeated the same patterns and habits to the point of stagnation and inertia. The South Node also indicates skills, talents, and gifts we bring with us into our current life. These skills, talents, and gifts are helpful and useful if we apply them carefully and where they are relevant and appropriate to developing and exploring the new areas and experiences, indicated by the North Node.   

Uranus first entered the sign of Taurus in May of 2018. Uranus has been influencing the Taurus/Scorpio area of your chart for the past four plus years. During the Nodes transit of Taurus and Scorpio, which began in January of 2022, this Uranian energy has been amplified. Collectively this is part of the reason we have experienced delays and changes in our food supply, other supply chain issues, and inflation, higher food, gas, and oil prices.   

You may not be able to rely on past experience or what seems logical to guide you through the Taurus Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, life is changing, and your plans and expectations need adjustments. If you open your mind to new and different possibilities you will find the light, information, and answers you are seeking. If you try to maintain the status quo and your current course of action, you can expect blocks, delays, and frustration because things are not progressing as you had expected. If you are unwilling to entertain other potentials and options and review your plan, the Universe will step in and adjust your course for you though unexpected events and circumstances beyond your control. How you manage the shifts and changes depends on your flexibility and willingness to adjust your course.

Allow divine guidance to assist your process. We often become stuck in the belief that the plan we have created is the best way to solve a problem or reach our goals. No plan is perfect, and there can be many different paths and plans to move your projects and endeavors forward. Relax your ego and current mindset and consider the possibility of another way to get where you want to be.      

The Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse indicates you need to make shifts and changes in your habits and routines regarding your health, diet, vitamins, and possibly medications. Talk to you doctor about any medication changes.

Consider your wardrobe and the clothes you wear. Do your clothes communicate the person you are today, or do your clothes reflect someone you used to be? Do you mostly wear clothes that represent the professional image you wish to project in the world. When was the last time you bought yourself new clothes and updated your wardrobe?

It is necessary for you to make room in your life and schedule for new opportunities, projects, and enterprises to move your life in different directions and experience the learnings your North Node offers and requires.

The Uranus Saturn square we have collectively been dealing with for the past couple of years has highlighted the challenges between keeping the status quo and moving in the direction of change, progress, innovation. We have witnessed this dynamic intensely in our country during the past two years.

Personally, the Saturn Uranus square has focused your attention on the areas of your life where you are holding on out of fear, habit, or a sense of security. At the time of the Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, we are experiencing the conclusion of the Uranus Saturn square, both collectively with the mid-term elections and personally in our individual lives.

You have reached a choice point or crossroads and you can no longer avoid honestly looking at your life and truly becoming aware of the areas where you need to change and move in new directions. This does not mean you need to change everything in your life. Focus on the Taurus/Scorpio houses of your chart. Decide what is holding you back, stifling your self-expression, personal growth, and soul evolution.

Venus was directly involved with the Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse, and Venus is also strongly involved with the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Venus rules beauty, art, culture, pleasure, marriage, relationships, finances, values, possessions, and harmony. Focus your attention on your values and the areas of your life that are most important to you. What do you value the most, faith, honesty, cooperation, integrity, freedom, personal choice, autonomy, safety and security, money and resources, trust?

For more information about your values consider the people in your life you enjoy spending time with, those you feel support you, care for you, and want to see you happy. Now, think about what is important to them, kindness, fairness, honesty, faith, self-improvement and personal growth, living a healthy lifestyle. Financial and personal freedom, their career/profession, making a difference in the world. Their family and close connections, their community, and social causes.

Think about the political party you support and choose to be affiliated with. What does this group stand for that resonates with you? What changes do they want to make in the country that you support?

When you live your life authentically according to your values you experience more satisfaction, joy, and happiness. When you are not living your life according to your values, life becomes out of balance leading to dissatisfaction, frustration, and apathy.

Trust the process and experiences both the Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse and the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse bring you, even when confusing and difficult to understand from your current vantage point. There is always hope and a new day. You will find your way.     

Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse

October 25, 2022

 A New Moon signals the time to focus on new ideas and thoughts, and beginnings, but the energy of Scorpio and the South Node indicate release and letting go. What do you need to release in order to start something new?

Venus is challenged by the Solar Eclipse, Venus rules the sign of Taurus, which the North Node currently occupies. The North Node is always opposite the South Node, so the polarity is important.

This Scorpio Solar Eclipse brings to light that which is below the surface, hidden or concealed. Consider the areas of your life where you have indulged in behaviors that felt so good at the time (Venus) you persuaded yourself it would be okay, spending money you really could not afford to spend. Cheating on your diet and loading up on carbs and sugar, over sleeping, self-medicating with alcohol, prescription, or recreational drugs, or taking extra time off work.  

It is time to adjust your choices, actions, and behaviors, and correct or repair difficulties related to your bank account, health, job, reputation, or relationships. The presence of Venus in this Solar Eclipse also indicates it is time to focus on your values and what is most important to you.

What negative emotions do you need to release and let go? Fear, sadness, anger, grief, resentment, disappointment, frustration, jealousy, envy, despair, apathy. When left unexplored and processed negative emotions inhibit personal growth, restrict necessary change, and block joy and happiness.

During the next two weeks, create quiet time with yourself to confront and reflect on hidden or buried negative emotions and feelings. Be patient with yourself and the process and allow the emotions and feelings that come up for you, no judgement just awareness. Pay attention to your dreams and keep a pen and paper or recorder next to your bed. If you wake up during the night with the memory of an event, situation, or relationship, related to unresolved feelings and emotions write it down or record it in case you do not recall the dream in the morning.  

Aries Full Moon 

October 9, 2022 

The Full Moon brings things to a culmination, a high point, or actualization. Example: moving into a new place, signing the final papers, and closing on a new home, holding a social event – a party, get-together, or fundraiser. The point of sharing a project with others, going live with your website. 

The energy of Aries focuses on the self, what is important to you as an individual, your goals and aspirations, what you want and what is necessary for you as a growing and evolving spirit. The Sun and Venus in Libra are in a tight relationship with the Moon in Aries, so this Full Moon highlights the need to balance your needs and those of others. If you have been putting yourself on the back burner to support others this is the time to reassess, set better boundaries, and honor yourself and your life 

Mars is slowing down in preparation for its retrograde cycle which begins October 30 – January 12, 2023. Mars in Gemini rules the Full Moon in Aries, this adds a fiery energy to emotions and feelings as well as words and language. Choose your words carefully and think before you speak or take a stand. Be aware others may not fully consider the impact or implications of their words and actions.   

Mars is square Neptune October 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, so open yourself up to inspiration, creative writing or insights, and your imagination. Consider a Vision Quest to connect with your spirit guides or your ancestors for guidance, direction, or healing. Since this aspect is present during the Aries Full Moon the energy will be influential during the two weeks following the Full Moon. It may be beneficial or necessary for you to wait on a decision or action until you have more information or clarity about the next step or desired result.   

Uranus continues to be in a tight square with Saturn during October encouraging us to do something a little out of our comfort zone, change a habit or routine, get out of a rut, try something new, or find a new way to solve a problem. This is not new energy; we have been feeling the influence of disruption and change for nearly two years. The area of your life where you have repeatedly experienced interference or a lack of progress signals where you need to move in a new direction.     

New Moon in Libra

September 25, 2022

The New Moon is the time when thoughts, ideas, and new beginnings can germinate, develop, and start to grow. This two-week period is the time to take initiative, be proactive and launch a new venture, meet new people, start a new job, or begin looking for a new job or home. Wait until about two days after the New Moon (when you can see the moon in the night sky) to act.

The Libra New Moon highlights relationships both personal and professional. Libra represents partnerships and shared experiences, collaboration, cooperation, compromise, negotiation, diplomacy, and peace.

It is natural to crave shared experiences during the Libra New Moon so don’t hesitate to reach out and connect. Plan a fun outing with a friend, intimate partner, family member, co-worker, or an acquaintance you would like to get to know better. Focus on shared interests a movie, play, concert, or museum exhibit you both want to see. If your culinary tastes are similar, make a reservation at a restaurant you both enjoy and savor a delicious meal or have a picknick, and each of you contributes your favorite foods.

Agree to the blind date your friend has been trying to arrange or meet the person you have been interacting with online for a coffee date. Schedule an intimate candlelit dinner with your partner or spouse, go dancing, or to a hot spring. Get away for the weekend, just the two of you, to reconnect without all the demands of daily life. Take a walk and hold hands. 

This is a good time to collaborate on a project, a new business venture, or creative endeavor. You and a friend could volunteer for a political organization or help with an event at your place of worship, or a fundraiser for your favorite charity.

Beauty, peace, and balance are synonymous with the planet Venus which rules the sign of Libra. You may feel the urge to decorate a room in your home or make your outdoor space more comfortable by adding new furnishings. Allow your imagination to guide you in creating a harmonious environment that really speaks to you and reflects your spirit and essence. 

Pisces Full Moon

September 10, 2022


The Full Moon brings things to a culmination, a high point, or actualization. Example: moving into a new place, signing the final papers, and
closing on a new home, holding a social event – a party, get-together, or fundraiser. The point of sharing a project with others, going live with your


The Pisces Full Moon suggests it is time to add beauty to your life, use your imagination, allow yourself to dream, do something creative, get out and enjoy nature. Consider taking a walk on the beach, or through the trees, by a lake or a river. Listen to music, if you are musically inclined play the guitar, piano, or an instrument you enjoy. Indulge a creative talent, calligraphy, draw, paint, write. Take a pottery, sculpture, art, poetry, or creative writing class. Tour a museum and enjoy the beautiful art. Volunteer -help people, animals, or the planet. Create a sanctuary in your home, a place to relax, reflect, ponder, journal, or nurture a spiritual practice – meditation, prayer, or energy healing. 


The Pisces Full Moon may encourage you to release something of an emotional nature, allow closure, and make peace with an ending. Release feelings of self-deprivation, self-denial, and self-doubt, allow grace, encouraging and positive emotions to guide you.


The Sun and Venus currently in the sign of Virgo focus your attention on practical matters, health and diet, organizing/sorting/shredding, figuring out how to create greater efficiency, or streamline a procedure. Fact-finding, reviewing details, numbers (pay bills and get your finances in order), contracts, and agreements. Be aware Mercury is retrograde September 9th until October 2nd. Mercury Retrograde signals the time to review rather than begin in most areas of life.


Incorporate both Pisces and Virgo energies in activities regularly over the two-week span of the Full Moon. Balance is the key to being productive but avoiding burnout and exhaustion from the Virgo energy and experiencing peace, joy, and harmony from the Pisces Full Moon.